How does your program work?
When you see Dr. Allen for your scheduled appointment, your medical history , including any current medications, your weight and your Body Mass Index will be evaluated. If you are a candidate for our weight loss program, Dr. Allen will prescribe DEA-regulated prescription medications to help you successfully lose weight. You must agree, however, to follow Dr. Allen’s guidelines and keep scheduled appointments. A copy of this “agreement” will be given to you when you arrive for your initial appointment.

Do I have to have an appointment?
You do have to have an appointment to see the doctor, and our friendly receptionist will be happy to schedule this for you. Just call (334) 671-1694. If, by chance, our voicemail answers, that means that we are assisting patients who are currently IN the office, but your call is also VERY important to us. PLEASE leave your name and a number where you can be reached and be assured that we will attempt to reach you before we leave for the day.
(Sometimes, the call is returned late in the day, as we are assisting
the patients who are in the office and we return calls as soon as we can.)

How long does it take to get an appointment?
New appointments could take as long as a month to six weeks, but we try our very best to schedule you so that you do not have to wait that long.

How often will I need to return for a recheck?
You will need to return to our office every five to six weeks to have your weight measured and to see the doctor for a follow-up.

What are your office hours?
Appointment times vary, but our office is open Monday through Thursday. Please ask our receptionist for specific times. Our office is generally closed on Fridays. Click here for our office hours.

Will I be prescribed the same medication(s) as my friend?
You may or not be prescribed the same medication as someone else who is a patient in our clinic. Dr. Allen carefully takes into consideration your medical history, any current medicines, the amount of weight you need to lose to reach your ideal weight, and will prescribe the right medication for you. Every person does not receive the same medication. There are at least 16 different diet prescription medications which are closely regulated and monitored by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Dr. Allen will prescribe the correct appetite suppressant for you, based on your specific needs.

How much do the medications cost?
The least expensive of the medications are in the $25-range for a five week supply. There are, of course, more expensive ones which can cost up to $100 for a five-week supply. In SOME cases, a patient might require more than one medication or prescription. We do not dispense medications from our office.

Do I weigh enough to be eligible for diet pills?
Prescription diet medications are closely monitored by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) You must be at least 20% over your ideal body weight to be eligible for diet pills. You can, however, follow our diet plan safely WITHOUT being prescribed a medication, if you so desire. Your weight will have to be more than 27 on our BMI (body mass index) calculator in order to receive a prescription from Dr. Allen.

What are the requirements to succeed with your program?
You will definitely succeed if you DO EXACTLY AS THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES in our carefully explained information pamphlet which you will receive as a new patient. You WILL succeed if you are serious about improving your general health and reaching your optimal healthy weight.

What are the age requirements, if any?
You must be at least 18 years of age. In some cases, Dr. Allen will see a patient who is younger, only with the accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian.

Can my friend or relative make an appointment so that we can start your program together?
Yes. In fact, we encourage couples, friends and family to start our program together!!

Where is your office located?
Just click here then at the top of the page select the need directions link. The Yahoo link will give you step-by-step directions on how to get here. We are located at 105 North Pontiac, Suite 1 in Dothan , AL, located directly behind Kirkland Jewelers.

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